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Suzanne Newnham, writer, trance medium, health advocate

author:       Ethics of a Psychic Reading (2012, Balboa Press)
                  multiple published short stories
columnist:  PnP Authors Promotional Magazine (health topics-chronic pain)

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The handshake


Hello and welcome, I had started to write more about strategies during my trip to New Zealand for this month’s column but that topic will need to wait for another time. At present, to cut a long story short, I recently made a mistake – I forgot and accepted a handshake. Even though there was a fairly gentle pressure it was enough to render intense pain and now, a few days later, my fingers still stinging along with compromised function means it is difficult to type. Hopefully, this setback will be of short duration: unlike a couple of years ago when I accepted the extended hand of the Governor General at a formal function and ended up with intense pain, as well as loss of function, in my hand for a number of months.


Hypervigilance is often an issue when you are hypersensitive (whatever the trigger happens to be) and knowing the difference between being hypervigilant and if that response still exists is important. As of a few days ago I now know that I’ve not been declining an extended hand of friendship or acknowledgment because of hypervigilance. Perhaps one day I will welcome a handshake without it causing pain.


But for now, I’ll rest my hand and wish you a wonderful month.