I have been ill since September: removal of 25% of my stomach and then discovery via myriad tests an incurable liver disease. I write when I feel up to it, pain-free.


Sal Buttaci


Writing stories under 1,000 words is certainly challenging. Called flash fiction, micro-fiction, sudden fiction, and postcard fiction, these quick writes have become quite popular today. They succeed in accommodating readers on the go who lack the luxury of sitting down for long periods of reading. Like patrons at a smorgasbord, they can taste a little of this fine dish and a little of that. They can leave the table without fear of being still hungry."With dry humor and a deep sense of irony, Salvatore Buttaci has delivered a book of sparkling gems. These quick stories make us laugh, think, and at times cry. They take us to the core of reality and at other times to the wonders of fantasy." -Kenneth Weene author of Widow's Walk

Master of the Flash is back! In his new collection of 200 short-short stories, Salvatore Buttaci introduces us to characters hard to forget. In less than 1,000 words they tell stories of humor, hidden emotions, love, nostalgia, violence, time and space travel, and downright horror. The author's flashes appeal to all readers in search of a good read worth the purchase price. It won't be so easy putting this book down.


Detective Luke Larsen of the Fresno Police Department is in charge of solving the Anniversary Case. On the loose is a ritual serial killer who has murdered three men, one victim each October, and then leaves their headless bodies to be found outdoors at various tourist areas in the city. This October, however, is different: three headless men are found. Larsen, an enigmatic man with a long blond ponytail, has a suspect in mind. Meanwhile, some fellow detectives believe the killer is Larsen himself.


Santa’s gone missing. With only a week and a half before Christmas, private investigator Crane is hired by Mordecai, Santa’s chief elf, to find him. “Somebody kidnapped Shanta,” says the sawed-off Humphrey Bogart in a dark gray pin-striped double-breasted monkey suit and a white fedora lid too small to cover his pointy ears. Crane, war hero and former General Manager of Woolworth’s Five & Dime, elicits the help of mobster informant Sid Stepsky and the private eye’s estranged father. The fate of the world’s kids rests in the hands of Crane. So does a blank sky’s-the-limit check from Mordecai.


A tale of three boys thrown together by destiny in the same orphanage, where they suffered at the hands of a sadistic guard, and their final liberation and revenge.

Haiku has emerged as one of the most popular poetic forms of the 20th & 21st centuries. The form, with its brevity and pinpoint illumination of the spiritual, appeals to a contemporary audience that yearns for meaning in a chaotic and rushed world. In some ways, haiku dovetails with some aspects of Post-Modernism, in its capacity to reveal telling moments and express spiritual loneliness. Many poets including Alan Watts, Robert Hass and Jack Kerouac wrote haiku and were influenced by them. Haiku societies exist in almost every country, and there are many books, journals and websites devoted to the art of writing haiku. Some practitioners remain loyal to the traditional Japanese format of 17 syllables, but others, especially English-speaking poets have taken the form into new directions, adapting it to the English language and allowing the use of non-natural images common to modern life.

Sal is a wonderful writer and poet,  and we've always been honored that he joined PnPAuthors, wrote poetry books with us, and many of his own which we bought and loved.


Please everybody write a message to Sal about his wonderful works~

poem to Sal


Salvatore Buttaci

We voted him in

said we'd stick with him through thick or thin

Then all of a sudden, in the flash of an eye

an event does occur, makes you want to cry

Sal's family and friends stand by his side

PnPAuthors also represent Salvatore with pride

His poetry and prose, as everyone knows

makes you want to read, his talent grows & grows

We hope Salvatore will fight from within

we know as he does, he will certainly win

from Peter and Pattimari Cacciolfi

Yes, Pattimari, you may post it. On good days I will try to submit something for your excellent publication. Please continue to pray for my healing, if God wills it.



I read Sal Buttaci's news - please pass on my thoughts and healing wishes to Sal so that he is comfortable and able to be as pain-free as possible. 🌸


Happy Valentine's Day to you and Peter


Suzanne 🌷