Vinita's Beauty Tips

      Yes, we feel that we are ‘ok’ looking. We do things to look better of course!  From getting our hair straightened, getting a makeover, taking oil baths, having waxing done, and even putting turmeric on our face.  So, it does, this makes us look a little better. What happened to the earlier times? It was ok to have a little gray hair. It was okay to not have any makeup. Yes, I’m talking about the natural look, Ladies were confidant with their hair and skin, the way it was. Let’s face it, Makeup and hair color have been around for a long time, things such as straightening our own hair.  What does it do though, I mean we are just focusing on ourselves, our looks, that’s not all, we become vain, we really do. We start saying we are beautiful by ourselves. What happens to our confidence?  Well, when we put all that makeup and get our hair colored and straightened?  Yes, we feel better looking. We start saying it by ourselves, to the outside world, our friends, look! I’m so beautiful.  No, we don’t need to do that. Telling others is just seeking self-approval, and that is lacking confidence. So, we start making a fool out of ourselves in front of others. If someone thinks you’re pretty, that is their opinion. We don’t need to be vain and announce it to the world, Hey look, I’m beautiful. Some people may even laugh about that.   They will say she is vain, she is ok, but what is with her personality? She has to announce it by herself.  The girl will look in the mirror, looking at her straight hair, and being narcissi. It’s good to love ourselves, That is important, To have an ego, about our looks, that is vain and narcissistic.  No, the world should not revolve around our looks.  We need to say we are ok without makeup and hair color.  That is when we get our confidence. Let others tell you-you're beautiful. Not yourself. 


 February 13, 2018, Copyright@Vinita Singh