Vinita's Beauty Tips

                                                           The beauty of Mind Over Body.

Beauty is just a word.  A description.  What does our Mind say about ourselves?  What does our body say about ourselves? Accepting ourselves as we are is our biggest confidence or our biggest challenge.  If one sees someone being thin and tall, with straight long hair and fair white skin, big eyes.  All eyes stare at them - they are the ideal look of beauty, the normal media. The regular everyday look for a model.  Everyone wants to look like that.  When we are normal medium height, small medium eyes, curly hair, tan skin with a little bit of chubbiness on our stomach - then people look away. We are not the norm.  We are compared. We are called chubby. We are called dark skinned. We are called average looking.  Just because we don’t fit that media look,  we can hear pretty from others many times. What happens to our confidence?  It becomes a challenge.  We want to look thin and tall like those in the media. We want to be fair skinned with big eyes like models in the media.  What about our self-esteem, We lose it. Why can’t we be confident? Why can’t we take our challenge with our mind and not our body,  Just say to ourselves, So I am average looking, So I am a little chubby, So I have small eyes? Only to say I will not compete with my looks or compare myself or my looks with others.  I will only accept the way I look. I will only look at the positive. I will say I am average looking, I will hear things, but I will ignore what is told to me. I am happy with my body and myself just the way it is. That is self-love and self-esteem. To accept every part of our body just as it is. That is inside spiritual beauty which is what we think of ourselves.      

                                                                                           Jan. 12, 2018 Copyright@Vinita Singh