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Feburary  2018


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Don't forget to remember that one  you love - it's the month to tell them how your heart beats for them.


Happy Valentine's Month


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Saved by Suzanne

Happy new year Pattimari and Peter, I trust you enjoyed the festive season and are coping with the cold weather. Here in Oz, we are at the other end of the scale equivalent to 105 (40degC) to 117 degF (47degC) the hottest capital city in the world last week! Luckily I prefer the heat to the cold.


Peter, I hope you are recovering well and I wish you, Pattimari, and your family a happy and healthy 2018.


I've just about finished my column - though it's 1200 words. Will that length be a problem? If yes, what is the maximum word count that is acceptable, please?


cheers for now