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I am trying to buy everybody's books posted in the magazine


Thanks Suzanne for your health postings

What happened to the spiritual column?

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Hi Pattimari

I arrived back in Oz late Friday night after a wonderful trip - I intend writing a short, short story and will probably send part of that for my January column.


Last night I opened my emails to find your email about the publication of the December issue and I received a very pleasant surprise: thank you so much for featuring me as Author of the Month - and for your lovely comments. I enjoy writing for the magazine and sharing thoughts which might be helpful for others and look forward to being part of the creativity of the 2018 PnP Authors Magazine.


Publishing a magazine is a huge task and so I hope you don't mind that I bring a couple of things to your attention:


I noticed on the 'About the Author' section that it has ended mid-sentence - Suzanne lives - whilst it raised a smile as these two words sum up quite nicely that I've moved from 'just surviving' I realise that the abrupt end without the remainder of the sentence is probably a word count issue. If so please just delete those two words.


While there are many ways of spelling Suzanne, and just to confuse things there is also a PnP author with the same name but who spells her name with an s - Susanne. Please note that I spell my name with a z.

So would you please correct the spelling of my name to Suzanne - in your comment the Author page as well as in your segment title 'Susanne's Words' on my column.

Just a question regarding the segment title - I have been using 'Suzanne's Corner' however would you prefer 'Suzanne's Words'? If yes please delete the words 'Suzanne's Corner' from above the article title of 'Travelling Bonus'.


Dear Pattimari,

My poem is kind of silly, but hearing is an important aspect in our lives that we seem to take for granted. My handsome husband refuses to get a hearing-aid and thinks only the oldest people have them.  Regarding this issue, he won't listen to me. I guess it's like when he tells me not to eat something sweet and I eat it anyway. When in love, we have only the best intentions but they can come out sounding harsh. I get very frustrated repeating myself over and over to the point where it feels like maybe what I say isn't really that important anyway. Sometimes I don't talk and I miss our lively discussions. He's a good man and I should be more patient but we both know what happens when we pray for patience. LOL Anyway, the December magazine is lovely. Congratulations. You may want to read my story in the fall issue of Straitjackets Magazine. It's called Home Banner Cafe and you can find it here: https://www.straitjackets.org/fall-2017-table-of-contents/2017/10/14/home-banner-cafe-by-eve-gaal

My poem will be attached for January. It's called: Speak Up. 

Hope you and Peter have a lovely Christmas!


Eve Gaal





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